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Administración Presupuestaria

Subdirección General de Programas Presupuestarios de Actividades Generales

Asistant Director General Mercedes Reig Gastón


C/ Alberto Alcocer, 2
28036 Madrid

Teléfono: 91 583 75 41


With regard to the expenditure policies and programmes within its functional scope, it will perform the functions set out in the following paragraphs:

  • Implementing and monitoring budgetary policy objectives and drafting standards for their achievement.
  • Drafting regulations and instructions that should guide the annual creation of the General State Budgets and coordinating the budget drafting process. Particularly:
    • Drafting the proposal for budget stability targets and the State’s non-financial expenditure limit.
    • Drafting the studies that inform decisions made by the Expenditure Policies Committee.
    • Determining quantitative limits and guidelines that should be respected by the management centres’ expenditure proposals, in accordance with the Expenditure Policies Committee and the approved non-financial expenditure limit.
    • Preparing the statements of expenditures and revenue for the draft General State Budget based on the revenue forecasts and allocations proposed by the management centres.
    • Coordinating and drafting the documentation that must accompany the Central Government Budget Bill.
    • Analysing the territorial distribution of investment projects that must be included or funded in the General State Budgets in order to facilitate a consistency analysis of the whole of public investments.
  • Providing the necessary support during the parliamentary debate process on the Central Government Budget Bill and implementing the amendments to expenditure and revenue statements approved by Parliament.
  • The report on laws and regulations, in its preparation and approval stages, on administrative acts, contracts and agreements, as well as on any other action affecting present or future public expenditure or revenue, in accordance with the requirements of the principles of budgetary stability and financial sustainability, when this is established by the applicable legislation or requested by the bodies to which it reports.
  • Analysing and monitoring the objectives set for management centres in the budget, as well as the application of the resources that have been allocated to them, in order to ensure effective budgetary allocation.
  • Analysing the evolution and execution of the revenue and expenditures reflected in the General State Budgets.