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Personnel Costs

The Directorate General for Personnel Costs shall be responsible for the organisation, regulatory proposal, analysis and control of the remuneration measures for public sector personnel, as well as for the management of job descriptions and remuneration of Public Administration personnel, and for the authorisation of hiring and control of the remuneration of state public sector non-established civil servants, including management personnel.

To this end, it is particularly responsible for:

  • The review, report and proposal of the budgetary and any other rules on compensation and staff costs.
  • The design of personnel cost policies and the establishment of general criteria for the application of the rules on public sector remuneration.
  • The study, reporting and monitoring of the provisions on remuneration and allowances and other measures which may have financial consequences for public sector staff.
  • The analysis and monitoring of the alignment of Public Employment Offers with the budgetary rules.
  • The study and report on the adaptation of the regulations of the Autonomous Communities to the constitutional order of distribution of competencies, in the framework of personnel expenses.
  • The processing and proposal of claims and appeals against the resolutions of the Executive Committee of the Inter-ministerial Remuneration Committee, as well as any other resolutions within the competence of the General Directorate.
  • The quantification of personnel costs in order to prepare the corresponding report and proposal for inclusion in the General State Budget.
  • The estimation of the impact of personnel cost policies and any measures affecting public sector personnel or their remuneration.
  • The study, analysis and assessment of the public sector workforce and remuneration.
  • The analysis and estimation of the impact on personnel costs of the Public Employment Offers of the State Administration.
  • The study of the organisational structures of the State Public Sector in terms of the efficiency of personnel costs.
  • The exercise of the powers attributed to it as a member of the Inter-ministerial Remuneration Committee and its Executive Committee.
  • The preparation of the mandatory report on the wage bill and the social action of the State Public Sector labour personnel in the terms established by the budgetary regulations.
  • The preparation of mandatory reports on the agreements, conventions, agreements or similar instruments with economic effects on personnel costs and those relating to the determination and modification of the remuneration conditions of working and non-civil servant personnel in the State Public Sector as provided for in the budgetary rules.
  • The exercise of powers in matters of authorisation of agreements and arrangements within the scope of the Inter-ministerial Remuneration Committee and the Committee for the Monitoring of Collective Bargaining in Public Companies.
  • Authorisation for the recruitment of labour personnel and for the appointment of interim staff in the State Public Sector.
  • The preparation of the report and proposal for determining the remuneration of senior officials, as well as the classification of state public sector entities and its submission to the head of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service, in accordance with its specific regulations.
  • The management of public sector senior personnel records and the regulation of compliance with budgetary regulations on the annual remuneration of senior personnel.

In the cases provided for in the regulations, the Directorate General for Personnel Costs shall exercise its powers in coordination with the Directorate General for the Civil Service.

The Directorate General performs these functions through the Sub-Directorate General for Regulatory Planning and Resources, the Sub-Directorate General for Cost Studies and Remuneration Analysis and the Sub-Directorate General for the Management of Remuneration and Jobs.