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Personnel Costs

The Directorate-General of Personnel Costs and Public Pensions shall be responsible for exercising the authority legally granted to the Ministry of Finance on the subject of establishing and monitoring remuneration measures for public sector personnel, and for measures corresponding to the allocation of resources for job posts for the State Administration. To that end, it is especially responsible for:

  • Regulatory functions and analytical, reporting and supervisory functions on matters of remuneration, compensations and other measures which may result in economic consequences for public sector personnel.
  • Designing personnel cost policies and general criteria that apply to remunerations.
  • Analysing and quantifying personnel costs in order to create the corresponding report and proposal for the General State Budgets.
  • Studying the organisational structure of the State Administration from the point of view of cost efficiency.
  • Examining proposals for approval and modification of the job lists and catalogues, as well as studying resources allocated to jobs in the organisational structures of the State Administration.
  • Authorising the payroll costs for state public sector employees in the terms established by budgetary regulations.
  • Drafting the mandatory prior reports on agreements, conventions, pacts or similar instruments whose content may have economic effects on personnel costs, as well as those regarding the determination and modification of remuneration conditions for staff and non-civil-service personnel, when budgetary regulations so establish.
  • Exercising the functions conferred upon it by regulation in terms of authorising conventions and agreements in the scope of the Interministerial Committee on Remuneration and the Oversight Committee for Collective Negotiation in Public Companies.
  • Authorising the hiring of both temporary and permanent personnel, as well as naming interim civil-service officers in the scope of the state public sector, when this function is assigned to it.
  • Managing the registry of management personnel in the state public sector and issuing the appropriate resolution regarding adherence to current regulations on reporting relevant information on management personnel's annual remuneration.
  • Drafting the report and presenting the proposal for determining remuneration for senior managers, as well as classifying state public sector entities to the Ministry of Finance in accordance with their specific regulations.

The Directorate General carries out these functions through the Office of Cost Studies and Remuneration Analysis and the Office of Remuneration and Job Post Management.