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Annual data base of the Spanish economy BDMACRO

In the late 1980s, the macro-econometric model of the Spanish economy – MOISEES – was constructed in the former Ministry of Economy and Finance. This was associated with a database that, despite having been created to meet the specific needs of the model, proved very useful in other areas of economic analysis. The database was updated regularly and 1980 was kept as the baseline reference year. However, the introduction of ESA95 and the excessive distancing from the baseline year necessitated its complete overhaul.

The Macroeconomic Data Base of Spain (BDMACRO), now presented, while it is the heir of MOISEES, is different from the latter in that it is more adapted to the more recent national accounting methodology, as it takes the year 2000 as its base year and is not limited to the demands of the previous model.

The BDMACRO has an annual frequency, it spans the period 1954 - 2010 for the main magnitudes, although in general it starts from 1964; its main source of information is the National Accounting of Spain (CNE) and its reference is the last accounting series published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) with the European System of Accounts Methodology SEC 1995 (SEC95), which, as is known, features new developments with regard to the previous version SEC79.