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Annual data base of the Spanish economy BDMACRO

BDMACRO is a yearly report. Covering the period 1954 - 2022 for the principle figures, although in general it starts in 1964. Its main source of information is the Spanish National Accounts, taking as a reference the accounting series published by the National Institute of Statistics in October 2022 using the methodology of the European System of National and Regional Accounts of the European Union (ESA-2010). This series, which uses 2015 as its base period, provides the current series of official data for the period 1995 - 2022. Likewise, it has been linked backwards with the series published for the years 1954-1994.

In the case of the series of income and expenses of the Public Administrations sector, in terms of National Accounts, the statistical source is the General Intervention Board of the State Administration (IGAE, march 2023); and the series start in 1958.