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Report on the impact on children, adolescents and families

Order HFP/535/2022, of 9 June, which lays down the rules for the preparation of the General State Budget for 2023, establishes in article 7, section 7, the need to prepare a report on the impact of the budget on children, adolescents and families.

The report analyses the impact of the spending programmes with relevance in any of these groups, of the Draft General State Budget for 2023, based on the information provided by the ministerial departments.

On this occasion, for the 2023 Draft General State Budget, the Report is made up of Volume I, which refers to the content of the report itself and includes, in addition to the delimitation of the socio-demographic situation of the groups, the most relevant data and indicators. The direct and indirect linkage of each of the budget programmes is described, which also shows their impact on the SDGs, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the dimensions of child and family welfare.

The Annex includes all budget programmes separated into ministerial sections.