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Report on the alignment of the General State Budget with the Ecological Transition

For the first time, the Draft General State Budget for 2023 has included, as an attachment, a Report on alignment with the Ecological Transition (in its green dimension), with the firm intention of promoting and consolidating green budgeting in Spain as a fundamental pillar of sustainability in the public sector. All the information on the subject can be found on this page.

The main objective of the report is to assess the degree of alignment of the Draft General State Budget with the reference framework of the European Union’s medium-term ecological transition, the decarbonisation objectives and compliance with the European Green Deal. This entails identifying and cataloguing the spending policies that contribute to the achievement of these environmental commitments assumed by Spanish Law, and estimating the public resources earmarked for their fulfilment.

The full report as well as its separate parts can be consulted and downloaded below. On the other hand, the “Main results” tab provides the most relevant results of the report in an interactive way.