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General State Budgets Bill 20223

The Draft General State Budget for 2023 was presented to the Spanish Parliament 6 October 2022. This page provides access to various documents related to it. It includes, but is not limited to information on: articles of the Law; statements of revenue and expenditure; operating and capital budgets; economic and financial report; reports on the objectives of each of the budget sections; annexes on real investments; economic and organisational report and report by programmes; consolidated budget; annex on Spain-European Union financial flows; 2021 Budget settlement; advance of the 2022 Budget settlement and the Bank of Spain’s operating and investment expenses, as well as the cross-cutting budget analysis reports.

Furthermore, the banners to the right of this box provide access to a graphic representation of the figures in the Draft General State Budget and information on how it contributes to gender equality, children, adolescents and families, to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and to the ecological transition.