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Budget carried over from 2018 for 2019

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 134.4 of the Spanish Constitution, “If the Budget Law is not passed before the first day of the corresponding financial year, the budget of the previous financial year shall be considered automatically extended until the new one has been approved”.

In turn, Article 38.2 and Article 38.3 of Law 47/2003, of 26 November, on the General Budget establish that “2. The renewal shall not affect credits for spending on programs or policies that end in the year, with renewed budgets or for obligations that expire in the same. 3. The organic structure of the budget shall be adjusted, with no alteration in its total amount, to the administrative organisation in force in the year in which the allocation was to be executed”. Therefore, and having met the circumstances provided for in the Spanish Constitution, the 2018 General State Budget is considered extended having performed the actions set out in the aforementioned Article 38 of the General Budget Law.

This page contains the economic details affected by the actions set out in the General Budget Law.

The remaining documentation can be consulted in the 2018 General State Budget, which is extended.