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Gender Impact Report DSB 2022

Since 2011, the Ministry of Finance has been accompanying the Draft State Budget with a gender impact report which, year by year, has been evolving in its content and form. A significant change took place in 2021 with the introduction of a new methodology for the analysis of the Draft Bill from the point of view of its gender relevance. Likewise, the General State Budget Law of that year introduced an amendment to the General Budget Law to include the gender impact report among the mandatory documentation accompanying the Draft Bill. In this way, it becomes a legal mandate, an obligation that until now had been self-imposed by the Executive Board.

This page constitutes a further evolution in the attempt to explain the impact report and the methodology with which it is prepared, and to provide citizens with more information on the result of the application of this methodology to the analysis, from a gender perspective, of the annual Draft State Budget.

In this respect, three tabs are included in addition to this main page. The first of these, "Access to the reports", includes the complete report in downloadable format, as well as the different chapters comprising it in order to facilitate access to them.

On the other hand, in the "Main results" tab, you can find a graphic and interactive tool that allows access to qualitative and quantitative information on the analysis of the draft Law, from different points of view: budget programmes, ministerial departments and expenditure policies.

Finally, in "To know more", information has been included on the regulations applicable to the preparation of the report, a glossary with the main terms used in the report, as well as an explanation of the "3 Rs" methodology, the basis for the analysis of the Draft Bill.