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Regional data base of the Spanish economy BD.MORES

The BD.MORES regional data base is the statistical basis for many of the regional analysis works published as Working Documents. It does not provide official data, but as a product necessary for the work in which it has been used, its characteristics are interesting for Spanish regional research. The preparation methodology is to be found in document D-2008-02, where the content and definition of the variables can be queried, as well as the method of preparation.

The current version takes the year 2008 as a basis and follows the Spanish National Accounts reference methodology used in that basis (SEC95). As in previous versions it incorporates series relating to expenditure and capital stock in R&D.

It is supplied in an XLS format spreadsheet (approximately 4.1 Mb) with an explanatory note on the R&D series in a compressed file named BDMORES b2008 (dic 2015).ZIP (4 Mb). Once it has been downloaded to the hard drive it must be decompressed to generate the BDMORES b2008 (dic 2015).XLS and EXPLANATORY NOTE R+D.PDF files.

Last update: June de 2017.

 Base de Datos BD.MORES (zip)