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Quarterly data base of the Spanish economy REMSDB

The BDREMS data base provides the series of the variables used in the REMS model ("A Rational Expectations Model for Simulation and Policy Evaluation of the Spanish Economy" by J.E. Boscá, A. Díaz, R. Doménech, J. Ferri, E. Pérez and L. Puch. D-2007-04. December, 2007). Although it was initially conceived as a complement to the model, it is believed that it may be generally useful in macroeconomic analysis thanks to the homogenisation of the historic series it contains.

The series extend from the first trimester of 1980 to the FIRST trimester of 2017 and their periodicity is quarterly; in general, they are corrected series of seasonality and calendar effect. The constant price estimates are referenced to 2010. The source of data is the official statistics whenever possible.

The REMSDB Database forms part of a research project with the participation of the following entities: Rafael del Pino Foundation, BBVA Research, the University of Valencia,  Fundación de Economía Analítica,  the State Secretariat for Economy and Business Support and the State  Secretariat  for Budget and Expenditure.

It is delivered in an Excel spreadsheet of approximately 250 kb. The methodology of this data base can be referred to in the working document "The REMSDB Macroeconomic Database of The Spanish Economy" by J.E. Boscá, A. Bustos, A. Díaz, R. Doménech,c, J. Ferri, E. Pérez and L. Puch (D-2007-03).

Last update: February 2019.