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Gender impact report

Order HFP/614/2018, of 27 June, which lays down the rules for drawing up the General State Budget for 2018, establishes in Article 7(6) in relation to the Gender Impact Report that:

“The ministerial departments shall submit to the Secretariat of State for Budgets and Expenditure a report analysing the gender impact of their spending programmes, in the terms established for that purpose by the aforementioned Secretariat of State.

These reports shall constitute the basis for the preparation of the Gender Impact Report by the Secretariat of State for Budgets and Expenditure, for which purpose a working group shall be set up comprising representatives of the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Equality, the Secretariat of State for Budgets and Expenditure and the Directorate General for Budgets to prepare the final draft of the Gender Impact Report, which shall accompany the preliminary draft of the General State Budget Law".

The report presents the analysis of the gender impact of the expenditure programmes of the General State Budget Draft Bill for 2018, prepared using information provided by ministerial departments.