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European regions database BD.EURS

The BD.EURS database presents the basic macroeconomic variables – nominal and real GAV and in PPS, employment, gross capital formation and capital stock – of 121 European regions, broken down into sectors according to the EUROSTAT classification (NACE Ver.1). This database is the result of analysing the quality and congruence of the different statistical sources available on these macroeconomic variables. This first version of the BD.EURS has been limited to 118 regions of 9 European countries – the regions where there is the best quality and greatest quantity of information for the period 1995-2007. These are the regions of Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Austria, Portugal, Sweden and Spain. The basic source of information is the regional EUROSTAT series, and existing information for countries is also used as a reference, particularly that in the AMECO and EU-KLEMS databases. The methodology for creating the database is explained in the working documents of the Directorate General for Budget: Escribá J. and M.J. Murgui (2012), Nuevas estimaciones del stock de capital para las regiones europeas (1995-2007), D-2012-04 and Escribá J. and M.J. Murgui (2013), La Base de Datos BD.EURS (NACE Rev. 1), D-2013-02.